Prince Harry ‘in awe’ of wounded war veteran

Britain’s Prince Harry has been in daily contact with a wounded US war veteran after she underwent a leg amputation.
The flame-haired royal is said to be in awe of Kirstie Ennis, 24, after she had an operation to remove her lower left leg last week – her 39th time under the knife since surviving a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2012.
Kirstie, who was born in Miami, bravely posted a number of pictures online, including one of herself in a red two-piece bikini, before and after her op.
She told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: “I wanted to show how I looked before surgery and I wanted to celebrate everything my foot and lower limb did for me.
“Initially when doctors told me that I would be losing my leg I was concerned with body image, which is quite shallow.
“I wanted to show that with or without my leg, I am still beautiful.”
Earlier this month, Kirstie endured constant pain while walking 1,000 miles from Scotland to London to help raise £250,000 for Harry’s charity Walking With The Wounded.
Harry, 31, was reduced to tears after the charity walk when Kirstie gave him a name tag belonging to her late friend.
Struggling for words, Harry initially refused to take the precious memento, saying: “No I can’t, I can’t accept this.”
Kirstie replied with tears rolling down her face: “Please, you know what this means to me, I want you to.”