Queen Elizabeth Jokes Prime Minister Trudeau Makes Her Feel ‘Old’

Update: Justin Trudeau responds to the Queen, calling her forever young on Twitter.


Britain’s Queen Elizabeth had a room in fits of laughter when she jokingly thanked the Canadian prime minister for making her feel “so old”.
The 89-year-old monarch was in fine form at the banquet for the leaders of Commonwealth countries, which took place in Malta, as she made the quip in response to new PM Justin Trudeau recalling the royal’s appearance on a postage stamp in 1935.
He said: “You were only nine years old when you carried out what was perhaps your first official duty on behalf of Canada, an appearance on a postage stamp. That was 1935.”
The queen wittily replied: “Thank you Mr Prime Minister of Canada for making me feel so old.”
Trudeau, 43, also spoke about the queen meeting his late father, Pierre Trudeau, in 1982 when he was the Canadian prime minister.
He said: “It is 1982 and on Parliament Hill Queen Elizabeth signs the Constitution Act, thus empowering Canada’s legal foundation, including our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
“On that cool day in Ottawa, seated beside you was my father.
“Pierre Elliott Trudeau was your fourth Canadian prime minister. I am your twelfth.”