Coiin launched to celebrate Queen’s reign

Britain’s first ever £50 coin has been produced to commemorate Queen Elizabeth being the nation’s longest-reigning monarch.
The currency has been launched by the Royal Mint – the body permitted to manufacture the UK’s coins – and has a run of 100,000, but despite it being legal tender the coin cannot be used to purchase products in shops because it is not classed as “circulatory tender”.
But as it is legal tender then anyone who owns one will be able to exchange it for £50 at a bank.
Usually, the Mint prefers to have two artist design each side of such a coin but on this occasion engraver Jody Clark worked on both sides.
The Mint is hoping the coin will be collectable because of its design and what it stands for rather than its value.
Elizabeth has reigned for nearly 64 years, which is thought to be longer than any other monarch in British history.
She passed Queen Victoria’s record of 63 years 216 days in September.
The Mint produced a £100 coin featuring Big Ben in December 2014 which sold out in 11 days.