Prince Harry plays barefoot rugby

Britain’s Prince Harry played rugby barefoot yesterday (01.12.15).
The 31-year-old prince continues his tour of South Africa with a visit to Sharks Rugby club in Durban, where he teased the giant mascot Sharkie before taking part in a game of tag rugby with children.
Sadly for Harry, his team lost to a side captained by Sharks CEO and former Springboks captain John Smit.
Asked if he enjoyed the game, Harry told Sky News: “Yes, but his lot were much better than my lot.”
John said it was a “privilege” to host Harry at the ‘Shark Tank’ and felt his presence was important for the youngsters.
He said: “To have him here, to see how humble he is, it’s a big deal.
“He comes across as such a good bloke. It’s good for our kids, who come from some pretty rural areas with not much to their names, to meet someone like him.”
Harry made the visit to learn more about the South African Rugby and British High Commission Rugby Exchange Programme, which gives opportunities to players and coaches from disadvantaged backgrounds to experience playing the sport.
Later in the day, the prince met with street kids learning to surf on the beach before taking a private plane to visit Kruger national park.
At the Missions Area Joint Operations Service, he met with rangers and was supposed to meet a tracking dog.
However, he was advised to keep his distance from the animal, which is named Killer, after it bit a member of the British High Commission before his arrival.
Today (02.12.15), Harry will speak with the rangers about their efforts to stop rhino poaching, a practice causing severe threat to their 8,000-9,000 rhino.