Prince Harry hates selfies

Britain’s Prince Harry is “anti-selfie”.
The 31-year-old royal declined a young woman’s request to pose for a picture she would take herself when they met in South Africa.
Harry – who had just presented Desmond Tutu with the Order of the Companion of Honour in South Africa – told the member of the retired Archbishop’s entourage: “I’m afraid I’m anti-selfie.”
This is not the first time Harry has declined to be in a selfie, though he is happy to have his picture taken.
Earlier this year, a teenage girl in Australia leant over crowd barriers to ask for one of the photos, but the prince replied: “No, I hate selfies. Seriously, you need to get out of it. I know you’re young, but selfies are bad.
“Just take a normal photograph.”
However, in Estonia last year he did compile with a blonde female well-wisher’s request for a selfie.
Meanwhile, Harry’s brother and sister-in-law, Prince William and Duchess Catherine, previously posed for selfies when they visited Sydney, Australia.
And during a visit to the ‘Game of Thrones’ set in Belfast, the prince’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth unwittingly appeared in a selfie taken by a teenage guy who managed to stand in front of her during a walkaround.
Last year, Harry’s uncle Prince Andrew became the first royal to publicly take and publish his own selfie.
He took the photo at the final of his Pitch @ Palace competition at St James’s Palace, and posted the image – featuring the grinning prince with the audience in the background – to Twitter.