Monaco’s Prince Albert talks cows

Monaco’s Prince Albert has a herd of milking cows.
The 57-year-old royal has 12 Jersey cattle who produce milk for his family, wife Princess Charlene and their 11-month-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, at their mountain-top getaway, Roc Agel.
The prince has revealed was keen for their home to be a working farm and they have enough milk left over to make cheese.
He said: “We have a sufficient amount of milk for the family and there’s some for the palace staff.
“We’ve enough to make some cheese as well. Not all the time, but our farmers have taken some courses in cheese-making and we make soft cheese and a type of Emmenthal a few times a year.”
Prince Ranier, Albert’s father, initially bought cows for the farm because he was suspicious of the quality of local milk around elsewhere.
Albert explained: “He wanted better milk for my sisters and myself.”
What’s more, they also grow vegetables on the royal farm.
Albert added to PEOPLE: “My father started it, really. He wanted Roc Agel to be a working farm since the ’60s.
“It was his notion. The vegetable garden was already in progress and my mother [Princess Grace] was very much into that. She brought the corn into the mix, that we have there now, and that we really enjoy. And we’ve tomatoes and zucchini.”