Duke of Cambridge feels defined by royal status

Britain’s Duke of Cambridge thinks he’s defined by his royal status.
The 33-year-old prince visited an anti-bullying workshop in Birmingham, England, yesterday (07.12.15), where he participated in an activity designed to identify differences between people.
During one of the activities, the royal was asked to write down something that defines him, and William scribbled: “I am prince.”
The event was hosted by British singing coach Carrie Grant, who admitted he was intrigued to see what the future king would note down.
He told People: “I was fascinated by what he might write and how daring he would be.
“I thought he might write, ‘My mother died,’ because that’s in the public arena and does make him different amongst his peers perhaps.”
Meanwhile, the prince’s wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, revealed recently that she would love for her six-month-old daughter Princess Charlotte to join the Rainbows and for her two-year-old son Prince George to be a part of the Scouts.
Recalling a conversation with the Duchess, Caernarfon’s county commissioner for Girl Guides, Jill Wilkinson, said: “She said that she needs to put Charlotte’s name down for Rainbows.
“She really enjoyed helping with the Scout group and said she will get George for Scouting.”