Prince Charles to attend progressive synagogue

Britain’s Prince Charles is to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Britain’s oldest progressive synagogue today (17.12.15).
The 67-year-old royal is set to attend the West London Synagogue, where he will be greeted by senior figures to discuss the institution’s good work since its creation and to celebrate its latest landmark.
Shul chair Jill Todd has seen the West London Synagogue develop a membership of more than 2,700 people, and has said she’s thankful for such a “public declaration of confidence in our work”.
Speaking to, she added: “This synagogue has played a leading role in the great Reform movement of British Judaism: educating women as well as men, feeding and supporting the hungry and oppressed, recognising gender equality and working with other communities and faiths to accept our differences and achieve harmony.”
Prince Charles’ visit comes in the same week it emerged he has been receiving Cabinet documents for more than two decades.
The revelation has led to outrage in some quarters, with the campaign group Republic writing to Prime Minster David Cameron to voice its disapproval of the situation.