Duchess of Cambridge Attends Queen’s Christmas Lunch

Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge was among the invited guests to Queen Elizabeth’s annual Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace this week (16.12.15).
The 33-year-old royal, who married Prince William in 2011, attended the event with her two-year-old son Prince George and her brother-in-law Prince Harry.
Prince William, meanwhile, was noticeably absent from the Christmas lunch as he was attending the memorial service for John Pelly, the father of close friend Guy Pelly at St Michaels Church in Wiltshire.
Earlier this month, however, the Prince admitted to having mixed feelings about Christmas this time around, as he fears his son’s excitement might stop him from getting any sleep.
The prince – who also has a seven-month-old daughter, named Charlotte – previously joked: “If I get any sleep on Christmas Eve it’ll be good, because George will be bouncing around like a rabbit. I think George will be extremely bouncy this year because he’s suddenly worked out what Christmas is all about.
“So that will be two children, one who suddenly appreciates Christmas, which could be quite challenging. But I’m looking forward to it.”
As for his plan for the big day, he shared: “We’ll go to church as a family on Christmas Day, as we always do. Then we’ll watch George try to tackle his presents as he tries to unwrap them.
“It’s a very different experience at Christmas, having a family of your own. It’d be nice if we got a white Christmas because we haven’t had one in many years.”