Lifeguard praises Princess Mary’s son

The lifeguard who rescued the son of Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik has praised the youngster for keeping calm.
Denmark’s Prince Christian was swept off his feet by a large wave while enjoying a day at Mermaid Beach on Australia’s Gold Coast last week and Nick Malcolm, who came to his rescue, said the 10-year-old prince was a trooper.
He told the Gold Coast Bulletin: “He was in between the flags in the deep part before the break and just got swept off his feet.
“He was a really good swimmer – it helped that he didn’t panic. It was just a standard rescue – doesn’t matter that he’s a royal.’
‘Someone on the beach told us afterwards (that it was the royal family).”
Speaking about the rescue, Mr Malcom’s supervisor, Stuart Keay told Seven News: “We got him before it got too serious, but he wouldn’t have been able to get back in.”
It was also revealed that Frederik personally thanked the lifeguard for saving his son.
The entire family are spending the festive season in Mary’s native Australia and have been visiting her brother John Donaldson and his family in Perth.
This is the first time that the royal – who is from Tasmania – has brought her children back to Australia since 2011.
Along with Christian, the couple also have eight-year-old Princess Isabella and four-year-old twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine.