Princess Michael of Kent at home for Christmas

Britain’s Princess Michael of Kent is “so excited” to be spending Christmas at home.
The 70-year-old royal spent the festive season in America last year with her son Lord Freddie Windsor, his wife Sophie Winkleman and their two-year-old granddaughter Maud and admits it “didn’t feel right” being on the beach, so she is pleased they will all be at her London house this year.
She said: “My son and his wife have just come back to London from Los Angeles.
“I’m so excited to have Christmas here. They couldn’t come back last year as my son is a banker and had to work.
“Because of Thanksgiving, where they have a long holiday, they couldn’t have a holiday a week later, so we went there and it was such a different experience in LA.
“We ended up going to the beach and it just didn’t feel right.
“I would much rather have Christmas in London.
“My granddaughter was two in August and I can’t wait to play with her. I’m besotted and there will be lots of games.”
And the author can’t wait for Sophie and Freddie to welcome their second child into the world next month.
She added in an interview: “I’m sure I’ll be just as besotted with the second one, which is due on my birthday in January. It already feels like I have one and a half grandchildren.”