Prince Charles legally allowed to set off nuclear bombs?

Britain’s Duke of Cornwall’s royal title legally allows him to set off nuclear bombs, it has been claimed.
A new study, conducted by former Plymouth University student John Kirkhope, has found the 68-year-old Prince – the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip – is excluded from punishment from the Nuclear Explosions Act.
And that’s not the only law the Prince – who is married to Duchess Camilla – is exempt from as it’s thought he’s also free to break the Data Protection Act and the Wildlife and Countryside Act without any criminal sanction.
According to The Sunday Times newspaper, Dr Kirkhope conducted his research by examining government archives.
He also met with officials and used the Freedom of Information Act to discover the facts, which closely analyses Prince Charles’ role as the Duke of Cornwall.
But it’s believed he doesn’t just get exemption from a number of laws as he also has various other advantages.
Dr Kirkhope has also claimed the Duke has better legal protection over his properties than other landowners after the Duchy of Cornwall, which was set up by Edward III in 1337, was given immunity in 1913.