Prince Charles ‘targeted by pupil during rugby match’

Prince Charles reportedly had his nose deliberately broken by a fellow pupil during a rugby match.
The Prince of Wales is believed to have been bullied during his time at Gordonstoun school in Moray, Scotland.
And the former head of Charles’ house in 1966 has recalled one incident in which a fellow pupil made it his mission to “get” the royal.
Graham Hadley explained: “There was a boy on the other side in a rugby match who made it known he was going to get Charles.
“He wanted to show him that, just because he was royal, he wasn’t better than any of the rest of us. This guy struck when Charles was in a scrum. He emerged bleeding with his nose broken. He had been hit hard.’
“Everyone was furious with the boy who hit Charles, even his own side.”
Graham told the Daily Mail that a policeman who had been assigned to protect Charles during his time at the school wanted to step in and help, but the future heir to the throne insisted he could handle the situation.
He said: “He did not want a policeman fighting his battles for him.”
The incident was described at the time by headmaster Robert Chew as “another player turning suddenly and his head hitting the Prince”.