Prince Andrew saddened by flood damage

Prince Andrew was “saddened” to see the flood damage during a visit to North Yorkshire.
An 18th Century stone bridge in Tadcaster was left with just remnants remaining after it partially collapsed into the River Wharfe following some of the worst floods the UK has ever seen on December 29.
Local homes have been destroyed and many residents evacuated as local communities battle to rebuild following the floods.
The Duke said: “Saddened to see such a wonderful old bridge in a damaged state.
“But what encourages me is that there is a plan – first of all for a footbridge, then to support the structure and then to get on and recover the stonework that’s underneath and get back to building it.
“But it’s going to take some time.”
The local council have estimated the repair work will take around a year and will cost in the region of £3 million.
While the repair work is carried out, locals will have to drive for half an hour to cross the town due to the lack of bridge.
He added: “It’s been a very difficult time but I get a sense, talking to people both here and in Leeds, that the community has pulled together in a way that is really encouraging.”