Britain’s Prince Charles’ rugby injury

Britain’s Prince Charles’ left ear was “given a good crunch” during a rugby match in his youth.
David Borthwick, who played was part of the Bruce House Boys and Windmill Lodge game in the 1960s, has denied claims the 67-year-old royal had his nose broken but admits all the players “went for him” at one point.
David Borthwick told The Times newspaper: “There was this great big mound of boys and we all jumped in. His head popped up from the bottom and there were a few clenched fists and things.
“I’m not saying I went for him – we all went for him, we all just seemed to pick the same moment. I went for his left earhole, I gave it a good crunch.”
Meanwhile, Graham Hadley, who was the head of Charles’ house at Gordonstoun School in the 1960s, previously claimed the Prince’s nose was deliberately broken by one of his rivals.
He said: “There was a boy on the other side in a rugby match who made it known he was going to get Charles.
“He wanted to show him that, just because he was royal, he wasn’t better than any of the rest of us. This guy struck when Charles was in a scrum. He emerged bleeding with his nose broken. He had been hit hard.’
“Everyone was furious with the boy who hit Charles, even his own side.”