Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge’s ‘rare’ public curtsey to Queen Elizabeth

Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge gave a “rare” public curtsey to Queen Elizabeth.
The 34-year-old royal was seen greeting the monarch respectfully as they arrived at a service at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham over the weekend but it was unusual to see the curtsey as it usually happens in private..
Joe Little, the editor of Majesty magazine, told PEOPLE magazine: “It is rare, but it indicates that this was the first time that the Duchess saw the Queen.
“It would normally happen in private. Although they came from Sandringham House, they obviously hadn’t seen each other before Kate and the Middletons and their friends set out on foot.
“It’s unusual to see it in public but not unique. That would have been the first communication between them on that day.”
Meanwhile, following the service, Catherine couldn’t help but gush about her and Prince William’s oldest child, two-year-old son Prince George, for being so “brave” at nursery.
Retired Royal Navy lieutenant commander Arthur Coxon shared: “They asked what my connection with the association was and I congratulated Kate on the lovely photos of Prince George.
“She said he went off to school bravely as anything and thoroughly enjoyed it.”