Queen Elizabeth is ‘Fiesty’ at 89

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is “feisty”, according to Annie Leibovitz.
The acclaimed photographer – who was snapping shots of the 89-year-old royal during the infamous photoshoot in 2007 when it was claimed that she stormed out – insists the reports are completely untrue and that the Queen has a “great sense of duty”.
She said: “Oh my god, she’s feisty. That was the session that had so much controversy over it. And I said, ‘what are you talking about?’ I mean, she was just incredible to work with.
“The reality is, she is a woman with a great sense of duty. I mean she not only stayed the entire 25 minutes, 30 minutes, but she waited for me to say I was done. And then I said thank you. And she didn’t get up and leave. She’s feisty. I mean, it’s like photographing your great-aunt or something like that. She has so much energy and so much drive. And she definitely has opinions.”
But the thing that Annie, 66, loved most about the Queen was that she did her own hair and make-up on the day.
Speaking to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, she said: “You know what I loved about her most? She does her own hair and make-up.”