Prince Charles’ fashion sense praised

Designer Patrick Grant says Prince Charles is “the most stylish member of his family”.
The creative director of bespoke tailors Norton & Sons of Savile Row is a huge fan of the royal’s fashion choices and says his style is more impressive than his son Prince William’s.
He told The Guardian: “He is a beautifully dressed man, always immaculate. He has access to lots of great stuff and can wear almost whatever he wants in the evening because he is head of so many of the armed forces.
“Not that I have anything against the Queen, but the Kings of England and Princes of Wales were always sartorial ambassadors for the UK. While we had kings on the throne, from Charles II onwards, we ruled menswear. Edward VII, George IV, Edward VIII… These were probably the most copied menswear icons globally. Charles would resume that. He is the most stylish member of his family. Let’s not talk about Prince William’s style.”
And Patrick also loves that Charles has his own distinctive look.
He said: “As with all great stylists, if you put a bag over his head you could still tell it was him. Princes Charles has a distinctive cut and tie knot, and often wears a lapel pin and pocket square.”