Prince William and Duchess Catherine’s charity work praised

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been praised for raising awareness of mental health issues.
Nikki Mattocks, 18, who met Prince William and Duchess Catherine when they visited Harrow College in October, says the pair have helped people to be more open about their illnesses.
She explained: “The visit was a massive step forward and got a lot more people talking about mental health.
“For me it was the first time I’d spoken that publicly about hearing voices.
“I knew it would go out to a lot of different media outlets because of the publicity that they bring but I was confident to do that because they were doing it in a positive way and a way that was compassionate and helpful.
“They helped me to feel like it’s OK and to speak about it more openly. It might have just been an hour that they came and saw us for but they gave us so much more than just an hour. I think they’ve done a lot more in terms of positive awareness than anyone else could have.”
Nikki added that the couple – who have two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte – are committed to raising awareness of mental health issues.
She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “They said they know it’s a big issue at the moment and they realise that they can do something about it so they want to.
“And also because they have George and Charlotte I think that they probably want their children to grow up in a day and age where mental health isn’t a thing to be ashamed of and I think that’s why they focus on children and young people’s mental health because they know it could affect anyone.”