Australian state leaders call for Queen axe

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth could be axed as Australia’s head of state after several leaders in the country confirmed their support of the nation becoming a republic.
All but one of the state and territory leaders Down Under put pen to paper on a document calling for an Australian head of state.
Even Western Australia’s Colin Barnett, who didn’t sign the doc, admitted he supported the idea but didn’t think it was the right time.
The Australian Republican Movement initiated the declaration, which simply proposed “Australia should have an Australian head of state”, and its chair Peter FitzSimons said the huge support was very significant.
He said: “This is an indication to the Prime Minister.
“The significance of this is, if you want the majority of people from the majority of states [to back a republic in a referendum], well, the premiers and chief ministers are behind you. That’s a hell of a start.”
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was the leader of the republican movement in 1999 when Australians voted against becoming a republic.
What’s more, more than 3,500 people have signed a petition calling for Australia to become a republic since Friday (22.01.16).
The document signing occurred yesterday (24.01.16), just one day before Australia Day today (25.01.16), which marks the anniversary of the first British colonists’ arrival Down Under.