Duchess Catherine’s new role

Duchess Catherine will guest edit The Huffington Post on February 17.
The royal will welcome staff from the online publication to Kensington Palace where she will work with the website to highlight the importance of children’s mental health and help to launch Young Minds Matter.
From her temporary palace newsroom Kate will discuss the articles, blogs and videos she has commissioned about mental health awareness.
Stephen Hull, editor-in-chief of Huffington Post UK, said in his blog: “Under guidance from Kensington Palace, my team has been working on a series of original articles, blogs and videos commissioned by the Duchess.
“They all aim to inspire families and teachers to lead the conversation with children about mental health, so youngsters feel loved, valued and listened to.
“You’ll read about how mindfulness in schools is critical to supporting good mental health in children, how art therapy is helping children affected by mental health issues flourish and how innovative science is solving the mental health problems in primary school children.”