Britain’s Duchess of Cornwall invites criminal to decorate palace

Britain’s Duchess of Cornwall has invited a prisoner to decorate the palace.
During a visit to Brixton Prison, where she toured construction skill workshops put on by charity Bounce Back, the 68-year-old royal invited Darren to do a spot of painting at the royal’s London residence of Buckingham Palace.
He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “She even asked me if I would come and do the palace! I think that was a joke but of course I said yes and that I would come and meet Charlie.
“I was a bricklayer before but I didn’t really know anything about decorating. Even if I don’t do it as a job I will be able to do up my own place.”
Meanwhile, the Duchess was also on hand to recommend a book as she joined a number of prisoners at their reading group.
Ensley, who took part in the discussion, said: “I asked her what she would recommend and she suggested this book about a soldier who lost both his legs in Afghanistan. I am most definitely going to be taking up her recommendation of ‘Anatomy of a Soldier’.
“Books Unlocked is really important because of the knowledge and because you have so much time – it’s an escapism. It’s a way to get outside. You can get anywhere with a book. You can lose yourself even though you only have a really small space in the prison.”