Britain’s Prince Harry congratulates amputee rowing team

Britain’s Prince Harry has congratulated a team of amputee rowers who have successfully crossed the Atlantic.
The team of four – Cayle Royce, Paddy Gallagher, Nigel Rogoff and Lee Spencer – completed their 3,000 mile row from the Canary Islands to Antigua’s English Harbour yesterday (04.02.16) to raise money for injured servicemen.
Cayle, who leaded the team, told the Evening Standard newspaper: “We are so proud to be the first all-amputee team to row an ocean and extremely humbled by the support we have received. We are very proud to be able to support injured servicemen and women everywhere through the Endeavour Fund, Help for Heroes and Blesma.
“Although totally exhausted, we are ready to celebrate the fact we have just conquered 3,000 miles in the world’s toughest ocean rowing race. There is life beyond injury – that’s our message, we hope it’s out there.”
The team suffered a bit of a setback earlier on in the month when they were forced to take a break during their journey because of the bad weather but were cheered up by a surprise phone call from the 31-year-old royal.
A spokesperson for the team said at the time: “It gave them a real boost. It was a surprise phone call – they had no idea. He asked them about the storm and wished them well for the rest of the journey. They have been in good spirits throughout, which is a testament to their determination.”