Britain’s Prince Charles visits Dragoon Guards

Britain’s Prince Charles has praised the “resilience” of the Queen’s Dragoon Guards.
The 67-year-old royal was touring the military base in Norfolk, east England where he spoke with serving members of the cavalry regiment.
He said: “I’ve been hearing a bit about your transitioning, one role to another, to your light cavalry role, and I had a chance just now in the hangar to see some of the kit.
“I’m very glad to hear that, as far as I can make out, you’ve worked out what kind of kit to wear in the Jackal in midwinter.
“But knowing all of you and your extraordinary ability to adapt and your resilience, I’m sure you’ll make your new role one of immense success, and also be able to maintain a degree of flexibility which you always somehow manage to achieve.”
During his visit, the Prince of Wales – who is the colonel-in-chief of the regiment – was shown the new base and chatted to serving members and their families to see how they were coping following the move to Swanton Morley.
Retired Lieutenant General Sir Simon Mayall, who was the former commanding officer of the Dragoons, handed the Prince a medal, telling him: “‘You’ve been our Colonel-in-Chief for 13 years, a lucky number for us, if I may say so.
“[During that time, we’ve had] seven commanding officers, eight regimental sergeant majors, six operational tours and one attempt to amalgamate us.”