Prince Charles meets mini-me

Prince Charles met his mini-me during a recent royal engagement.
The heir to the British throne was on an official visit to Redcar in North Yorkshire when he was introduced to six-year-old Benjamin Cooper, who is such a huge fan of the royal that he wears a suit every day just to look like him.
Benjamin told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: “I like him because he was the smartest dressed when we studied the royals at school. I like to dress smart so I can be like Charles.”
Ben’s mother added: “He asked for a smart suit so he could be like the Prince.”
Prince Charles found the admiration of the youngster delightful and greeted the family warmly.
Meanwhile, the 67-year-old royal was visiting the town to hear about the closure of the town’s SSI steelworks, which resulted in the loss of almost 2,000 jobs last year.
He praised the local people for their resolve during the crisis.
He said: “I wasn’t really expecting to say anything, but for me it’s the greatest possible pleasure to come back to this part of the world where I know you have been through so many difficult times.
“I remember coming here six years ago during another difficult time but, if I may say so, despite the horrors you have faced, somehow, in this remarkable part of the world, you have these extraordinary reserves of resilience and, above all, the most wonderful sense of humour.
“How you keep it I don’t know; it’s very infectious and very special.”