Queen Elizabeth cuts costs with uniforms

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth doesn’t get uniforms made for her staff.
The 89-year-old monarch – who is the UK’s biggest employer of domestic staff – is always wary of keeping her costs low so employees don’t have the “luxury” of having their work clothes made to fit.
A source said: “Her staff have to fit the uniforms available rather than the luxury of having them made for them.”
The queen is known for her beloved corgis and once showed more concern for one of her pooches than a member of staff who had sprained his ankle tripping on one of her canine companions.
The source told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper: “One footman delivering HM’s tea tray, who became entangled with a corgi, fell and sprained his ankle. The monarch picked up the dog and inspected it for any damage.”
And the monarch even requested the “hapless” employee be punished for breaking her china – though her order went missing.
The source added: “The Master of the Household ‘lost’ the queen’s order to dock the hapless footman the cost of some broken china.”