Britain’s Prince Harry celebrates Invictus Games’ ‘role models’

Britain’s Prince Harry has praised the “role models” taking part in the Invictus Games.
In a new video released by the organisation to explain why the Games are so important, the 31-year-old royal celebrated the successes of those who took part in the Paralympic-style event for wounded soldiers in 2014.
He said: “There’s a huge percentage of guys and girls that came through in the last Invictus who are no longer here, because they’ve used it as part of their rehab, and now are back in employment or wherever it may be.
“300 new faces completely unknown to anybody have now come up and stuck their heads above the parapet and that’s fantastic … Every single one of these guys know, through the Invictus spirit, they are naturally becoming role models.”
And some of the 2016 hopefuls, who will take part in the games in Florida in May if successful, spoke of the importance of the event for their own rehabilitation.
One hopeful said: “Being part of that team, that’s part of the recovery process. Having that banter and supporting each other. We’re all trialling out for the same sport here. I’ve got all my mates around me, screaming, ‘Come on, last 30 seconds.’ And I mean it when I’m cheering them on.”
Whilst another added: “I would love to be able to go [to Florida], wear my Army badge for those guys who can’t make it.”