‘Normal and professional’ Prince William

Britain’s Prince William has been praised as “normal and professional”.
The 33-year-old royal works as an East Anglia Air Ambulance helicopter pilot and during a recent rescue, he won over locals in Braintree, Essex, with his unassuming manner and professionalism.
Katie Gates, 31, a deputy nurse, told the Essex Chronicle: “The handyman went round to have a look at what was going on. The pilot got out to make sure he didn’t come too close to the helicopter for safety reasons.
“He said Prince William was so normal and professional that it took him a minute or two to realise where he knew him from- as you can imagine we don’t very often get royalty in Braintree.
“Prince William then went off to the scene of the accident. By the time he came back, as you can imagine his presence had attracted quite a lot of attention.
“All the staff that came into contact with Prince William were so impressed by how professional yet friendly he was.”
William had been called to an incident in which a man was hit by a van but the victim did not need to be airlifted after all.
Ms Gates added: “We were so pleased to hear the person involved in the incident did not need to be airlifted and hope that they are recovering well.”