Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s matching dressing gowns

Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were given £8,000 dressing gowns as a wedding present.
The royal couple – who tied the knot at Westminster Abbey in April 2011 – were handed the special presents, made by designer Daniel Hanson, to mark the occasion, it has been revealed.
Of the loungewear, he said: “Although we have been doing this for more than 25 years we don’t look for publicity as a company. We are not an uninteresting company, of course, but we don’t seek the limelight. All I can say is that in this case it was done for Turnbull & Asser. They were designed and made by us under their name for Royal Household presents.”
Speaking about his work more generally, he told the Daily Mail newspaper: “From a design point of view, it’s a considerable amount of work and we produce 15 to 60 a week, depending on the level of detail required. We don’t make a fortune but we do make some very beautiful things and take enormous pride in what we do.”
And the hefty price tag comes from the work required to get the perfect material embroidered in Srinagar, India before it is made into the final product in a studio in Nottingham, England.