Britain’s Prince Charles’ fantastic palate

Britain’s Prince Charles has a “fantastic palate”.
John Williams, the Executive Chef at The Ritz hotel in London, has revealed that the 67-year-old royal was once able to impressively taste and list every element of a dish he prepared for him.
He said: “I love cooking for the Prince of Wales. He’s been in to The Ritz many times. He has a fantastic palate, did you know?
“I once cooked something for him and he was able to break down the entire sauce and understand it structurally – naming the ingredients in the sauce exactly. Lots of chefs couldn’t do that!”
However, John – who has cooked for a number of members of the royal family – says the best person to cook for is Queen Elizabeth but admits preparing a meal for her 80th birthday was “possibly the most stressful experience of [his] life”.
He added to the Mail Online: “The best person I’ve ever cooked for is without a doubt the Queen. I made a four-course meal centred around lamb for her 80th birthday at The Ritz and it was possibly the most stressful experience of my life.
“People might say celebrities are stressful to cook for, but no one comes with as much pressure as the Queen. You need perfection – on that sort of occasion, we have to make sure everything will go to plan so we rehearse the whole event several times.”