Britain’s Prince Charles urges protection of European forests

Britain’s Prince Charles has urged Romanians to protect the country’s forest.
The 67-year-old royal has urged for logging to be more regulated because the forests have a “global importance in terms of biodiversity and role in regulating the climate”.
In a video for Greenpeace, he said: “Very few large areas of natural forests remain in the European region, and many of these are in Romania. [They] are an important and vital part of the country’s economy, environmental integrity, and cultural identity, but they are also of global importance in terms of biodiversity and role in regulating the climate.
“What is worse, nearly half of the damage occurred in protected areas [because of logging] … Knowing Romania and Romanians as I do, I have the full confidence and trust that you will rise to this challenge.”
It is not the first time the Prince has supported measures to protect the natural world, after he recently lobbied Natural England to find out “what exactly [they] are able to do to tackle the spread of injurious weeds such as ragwort”.
In a letter sent to the chairman of Natural England, Andrew Sells, the Prince’s assistant private secretary Michael Whitehead wrote: “[The Prince] is particularly concerned about the spread of ragwort … [and] has asked me to see what can be done to address it, and to encourage farmers and smallholders, in addition to larger companies, to be more proactive in tackling the problem.”