Britain’s Prince Harry’s relaxed schedule

Britain’s Prince Harry is being given a “more relaxed” schedule at the moment.
The 31-year-old royal is reportedly allowed to take a back seat over the next couple of months as he quietly prepares for the next Invictus Games, which will take place in Florida in May.
A source told the Daily Mail newspaper: “Nearer to the event in May, Harry and the rest of the team will be working flat-out. When events are a way off the schedule is more relaxed.”
Whilst a spokesperson for the Invictus Games added: “As our founding patron, Prince Harry takes a hands-on role in the direction of our work. He attends meetings and is heavily involved in the preparation for the forthcoming Invictus Games in Orlando.”
Meanwhile, although the Prince has only attended two official engagements this year, he has made appearances at a number of events including the British trials for the Paralympic-style event.
Speaking of those who attended, he shared: “There’s a huge percentage of guys and girls that came through in the last Invictus who are no longer here, because they’ve used it as part of their rehab, and now are back in employment or wherever it may be.
“300 new faces completely unknown to anybody have now come up and stuck their heads above the parapet and that’s fantastic … Every single one of these guys know, through the Invictus spirit, they are naturally becoming role models.”