Alan Carr went clubbing with Prince Harry

Britain’s Prince Harry was “rolling on the floor laughing” with comedian Alan Carr when they went out clubbing.
The 39-year-old chat show host met the handsome prince, 31, in a nightclub in London once and is now desperate to get him on his programme ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’.
Speaking on ‘Lorraine’ this morning (03.03.16), he said: “He came over to me and said in a posh voice, ‘Where’s your glasses?’ I just saw this ginger thing, like a fox. We started dancing together and got carried away. He was pulling on my tie. We were rolling on the floor laughing. His security is rubbish though. I wasn’t even tasered.”
Meanwhile, Alan isn’t the only person trying to get his hands on the royal – who is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip – as the director of the animal rights pressure group PETA is also keen to sign him up to a campaign.
Harry received a letter from the organisation earlier this week asking him to strip off for its ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur’ movement in a bid to show people around the globe that he is a solid animal lover.
Mimi Bekhechi, director of the organisation, signed off the lengthy letter by including the names of celebrities – such as Sir Paul McCartney, Kate Winslet and Joss Stone – who have already whipped off their clothes for the good cause.