Margot Robbie confused Prince Harry with Ed Sheeran

Margot Robbie confused Britain’s Prince Harry with Ed Sheeran.
The ‘Suicide Squad’ actress set tongues wagging when she was pictured in a photobooth with the 31-year-old prince, Cara Delevingne, Sienna Miller and Suki Waterhouse at a house party in London but she has admitted she initially thought the royal was the flame-haired pop star.
Speaking on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ on Tuesday night (01.03.16), she said: “He wasn’t wearing a crown. I don’t know it’s a prince.”
But the 25-year-old star – who was born in Australia – won’t be forgetting the hunk soon as she angered him when she told him she confused him with the ‘Photograph’ singer.
She explained: “He got really offended.”
Meanwhile, a source previously revealed the Prince and Suki looked “particularly close” at the party.
They said at the time: “It was Suki’s party and they gave each other a big hug when they saw each other. Harry seemed completely interested in what she had to say. She was very bubbly and loud while he seemed to be enjoying her zaniness and free-spirited nature.
“Everyone was talking about how Suki and Harry seemed particularly close, some even said there was the start of a romance brewing. Suki fits the bill as to what he seems to like in a girl – bubbly, blonde and posh.”