Britain’s Princess Anne to visit midwifes

Britain’s Princess Anne will celebrate the successes of midwifes today (04.03.16).
The 65-year-old royal will tour the Cossham Birth Centre in Bristol, England, which has four en-suite rooms as well as labour aids including TENS and aromatherapy treatments.
The Royal College of Midwifes’ Chief Executive Cathy Warwick said of the visit: “The RCM is really happy that The Princess Royal is vising the Cossham Birth Centre. It is a great opportunity to display the wonderful work that midwives and maternity staff do here day in day out to personalise care for women and for her to meet those women who have benefited from midwife led care here at this unit.
“There will also be a chance to show Her Royal Highness the different choices available to women and their partners at Cossham Birth Centre and she will have a chance to hear first-hand from mothers, midwives and other maternity staff about the birth centre and how it is delivering a first class service for women, babies and their families.”
Whilst Lisa Marshall, who is Head of Midwifery at the North Bristol NHS Trust, added: “We are very excited to have HRH to visit and to show her our state-of-the-art, successful stand-alone birth centre that has welcomed many families through our doors …
“We are very proud of the commitment of our midwives and the multi-professional team that support women to give birth in our stand-alone birth centre and look forward to showcasing their efforts during Her Royal Highness’ visit.”