Muhammad Ali wants to meet the Queen

Muhammad Ali wants to meet Queen Elizabeth.
The retired boxer is reportedly desperate to see the 89-year-old royal on what he believes will be his last trip to the United Kingdom later this year.
A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “He wants to meet the Queen. He knows it will be the last time he comes to the UK and his number one wish is to meet Her Majesty.”
Meanwhile, Muhammad previously dubbed Prince Charles as “the greatest”.
During a tour of the United States, the Prince of Wales and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, were welcomed to the Kentucky Centre for African American Heritage with a letter from the former sportsman.
He wrote: “[My wife] Lonnie and I welcome you to our hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
“We are honoured that you have come to explore, share and learn about new sustainable initiatives that are so close to your heart.
“As you travel back to your homeland, we hope you know how much this city respects and admires the many contributions you have made in the world. We think you are the greatest.”