Prince Philip’s Aston Martin for sale

Prince Philip’s Aston Martin is up for sale.
The royal’s custom made 1950s Lagonda MK1 convertible – worth approximately £450,000 – was Philip’s personal motor for seven years and is just one of 20 MK1s made.
Philip’s car is being auctioned by H&H Classicas and sales manager Damian Jones called the car “part of our history”.
He added: “The accompanying paperwork beggars belief. There is an amusing story about Prince Phillip driving Her Majesty through London in this car and being held up by a policeman on point duty directing traffic. When the policeman saw who was in the Lagonda he did a double take and swiftly waved them on.”
Philip had the car modified with an extra vanity mirror, believed to be for Queen Elizabeth to adjust her hat.
It also contained a radio telephone, which was allocated its own radio frequency by the Admiralty, and which Philip used to call his son Prince Charles.
The car will go to auction in April at the Imperial War Museum Duxford, Cambridgeshire.