Prince William praised for work with mental health

Britain’s Prince William has been praised for his work in tackling the stigma of suicide.
The royal and his wife Duchess Catherine have been working with mental health charities and campaigner Jonny Benjamin, who came close to taking his own life in the past, is happy that the couple are working to raise awareness.
He told PEOPLE: “To have a young royal who’s willing to really take a look at this taboo is hopefully going to break it!
“It’s an area people don’t like to discuss. Tomorrow is for them to explore and hear our experiences and what we are doing to raise awareness as we try and engage people in this area.
“Having their support will bring that message to an even wider audience.”
Jonny is now a patron of Rethink Mental Illness and made a film ‘The Stranger on a Bridge’, about the man who saved his life by talking him out of throwing himself off a bridge, which will be shown at Kensington Palace.
He said: “You are going to know someone who has mental health issues, and unfortunately, a lot of people do hide it. If people like Kate and William can address these issues, the less people will have to hide and the more open and unashamed they will be.”