Queen Elizabeth impressed with Camilla

Queen Elizabeth is impressed with Duchess Camilla’s “unshowy” style.
Although the monarch was initially unhappy with Camilla’s relationship with the heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles after their affair was revealed in the early Nineties, over the years she has come to be extremely fond of her now daughter-in-law.
A source told the Daily Mail newspaper: “‘The Queen has been impressed with Camilla’s unshowy way of going about her duties, not unlike the Queen herself. Camilla doesn’t like grand appearances for their own sake and doesn’t appear to be competitive like the rest of the family — the Queen likes that.”
And those close to the Queen say she is now quite the fan of her daughter-in-law.
Viscountess Bangor said: “She likes Camilla. But she did think the way the affair was conducted was irresponsible.”
While Lady Anne Glenconner added: “The Duchess is wonderful with Prince Charles and makes him very, very happy. They’re suited.
“So many people have first marriages and somehow people don’t suit each other or difficulties come up, and quite often the second marriage works very well.
“The Queen realised that he did need somebody and the Duchess is wonderful with him and he’s so happy, and the Queen must be very happy about this.”