Queen Elizabeth admires the Middletons

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth admires the Middleton family.
The 89-year-old monarch has fostered a warm relationship with Carole and Michael Middleton, the parents of Duchess Catherine, and is a fan of their self-made success with their children’s party supplies company, Party Pieces.
Dickie Arbiter, the Queen’s former Press Secretary, told the Daily Mail: “The Queen would like Carole and Michael because they epitomize people who have made a success of their lives. They didn’t get a handout, they had to work hard. The Queen would also like the fact that they demonstrate the strength of the family unit.”
And Queen Elizabeth even invited the Middletons to spend a long weekend at Sandringham with her and Prince Philip, during Catherine’s 34th birthday celebrations earlier this year.
A source said: “The Queen knew how much it would mean to William to have his in-laws as her guests. She wants to help him while she can, and the Middletons are nice people. And with William so close to them she firmly believes that for him to make a success of the Monarchy they have to be welcomed in.”