Duke and Duchess of Cambridge team up to support suicide prevention

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are determined to help tackle the stigma of suicide.
Prince William and Duchess Catherine, who have both campaigned to raise awareness of mental health issues, met with survivor Jonny Benjamin and the man who helped save his life, Neil Laybourn, in London on Thursday (10.03.16) where they spoke about their dedication to the cause.
William said: “Someone told me five people a day try to kill themselves. I was just blown away by the statistics.
“For both of us, the mental health piece has got lots of aspects. It’s such a big issue that we need to do something about it.
“We feel it’s been raised higher up the ladder. It’s suddenly bubbling just under the surface. Now we need to get up to the next level, to the surface.”
And Catherine, who has been raising awareness of mental health issues in children believes that many problems adults face begin in childhood.
She said: “We see through the work that we do with addiction, homelessness and knife crime that a lot of it stems back to childhood.”