Prince’s Trust praised by jewellery designer

One of Duchess Catherine’s favourite jewellery designers got her start from the Prince’s Trust.
Elizabeth Galton, who leads the creative team at Mappin & Webb, has praised Prince Charles’ charity for allowing her to pursue her dream and revealed she is now giving back by mentoring two young people via the trust.
She told PEOPLE: “For any young entrepreneurs, particularly young creative, it’s enormously difficult for them to get any kind of backing or seed funding whether that’s from banks or investors.
“In previous generations, particularly working class backgrounds, there was a real sense of community and love and nurture from parents. A lot of people don’t have that now and perhaps come from a one-parent home or are struggling with difficult problems, like drug abuse or alcohol, and they feel the world is against them. The trust gives them a lifeline so they can see that they have potential.
“And this is all from an idea that was sown 40 years ago. It’s quite extraordinary what it has grown into.”
Elizabeth met with Prince Charles and his mother Queen Elizabeth this week and said that the Queen asked about her design work while Charles “was interested in the mentoring work that I do. He understands that it takes a lot of investment in terms of time that needs to be dedicated”.