Britain’s Prince Harry heading to Yale University?

Britain’s Prince Harry is creating a stir at Yale University – over rumours he might be enrolling there.
It has been reported that the 31-year-old royal – who is the youngest son of Prince Charles – may be attending classes at the prestigious establishment, causing quite a “buzz” amongst students.
One student said: “Everyone was talking about it around the campus. Big buzz!”
Whilst another source added to the New York Post’s Page Six column: “Yale would be over the moon to get Harry as a student. Imagine the kind of fundraising they could do.”
Meanwhile, it was previously revealed the Prince is being given a more “relaxed schedule” ahead of the Invictus Games, which take place in Florida in May.
A source said: “Nearer to the event in May, Harry and the rest of the team will be working flat-out. When events are a way off the schedule is more relaxed.”
Whilst a spokesperson for the Invictus Games added: “As our founding patron, Prince Harry takes a hands-on role in the direction of our work. He attends meetings and is heavily involved in the preparation for the forthcoming Invictus Games in Orlando.”