Britain’s Prince William wants his kids to visit Africa

Britain’s Prince William wants his children to visit Africa.
The 33-year-old royal would love for his two-year-old son Prince George and ten-month-old daughter Princess Charlotte to experience the natural wildlife of the country but joked his son would look like “a bit of a bum … with his bangles and his sandals”.
He said: “I’d definitely like to see George and Charlotte in Africa, they’d have a wonderful time.
“I can see George being a bit of a bum sometimes out in the conservation world with his bangles and his sandals. But I think I’d love them to be interested in the subject and pursue the same sort of ideas and aims that I am.”
Meanwhile, the father-of-two also hit back at claims he is work-shy, insisting critics are just a “part of the job”.
He added: “Well, these sorts of things take a lot of time, they take a lot of planning and a lot of knowledge building, a lot of conversations. I didn’t want to get to 45 or 50 and sit back and say I could have said something about that issue but I didn’t because I worried about what people thought or what people said.”
When pressed further on the issue, he told ITV News: “It’s part of the job.”