Britain’s Prince Harry’s hopes for Nepal trip

Britain’s Prince Harry hopes his trip to Nepal will “shine a spotlight” on the region’s problems.
The 31-year-old royal is set to travel to the country later this week to help with relief efforts following last year’s devastating earthquake.
Speaking at a briefing meeting yesterday (16.03.16), he said: “Everyone is aware of it when it happens, the media is on it, there’s a huge amount of interest and then before we know it everyone is onto the next thing.
“Hopefully by doing this trip it will shine a spotlight back onto the issue and people will realise there is still a hell of a lot that needs to be done.”
Meanwhile, it was previously revealed the Prince is greatly looking forward to the trip as he “has long wanted to visit” the country.
A Kensington Palace spokesperson said at the time: “Prince Harry is really looking forward to his first trip to Nepal. It is a country he has long wanted to visit.
“He has been moved by the stories of resilience of the Nepali people following the earthquakes last year and is now eager to learn more about their country and culture. With Britain and Nepal currently celebrating 200 years of cooperation, Prince Harry will experience the strength of the relationship and traditional warmth of the Nepali welcome.”