Prince Harry is splattered with paint

Britain’s Prince Harry was splattered with paint as he celebrated the Holi festival in Nepal today (22.03.16).
The 31-year-old royal – the grandson of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip – certainly let his hair down as he allowed school children to smother his face in bright colours.
The celebratory ceremony started as the head girl of Gauda Secondary School, Juna Garung, 15, smudged paint on the flame-haired hunk’s bearded cheeks, before he did it back.
Proving he’s not one to take a back seat, Harry began picking up the powdered paint before throwing it at the people around him after a man smudged it down his shirt.
After the commemoration ceremony, Prince Harry planted a tree in the grounds of the camp before leaving – with paint still down his shirt – to continue his five-day trip in Nepal.
Harry arrived in the south Asian country on Saturday (19.03.16) and has been non-stop visiting little villages and national parks since he touched down.
Yesterday (21.03.16), Harry was put in charge of the small town of Leurani by Mangali Tamang, 86, after he trekked over an hour to join them and spend the night there.
The flame-haired hunk was covered with garlands, scarves and a pheta – a white turban-like headdress – to signify his status as the head man, before he broke out into a dance.