Prince Harry watches ‘amazing’ sunrise with Nepal family

Britain’s Prince Harry watched an “amazing” sunrise with the widow of a Gurkha rifleman yesterday (22.03.16).
The 31-year-old royal – the grandson of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip – was blown away by the stunning view as he got up extra early to watch day break with Mangali Tamang and her family in the village of Leurani, Nepal.
Reflecting on the beautiful sight, he said: “It was amazing really, peaceful actually.
“Lots of dogs barking, but it didn’t seem to bother them, apparently the locals, they’re happy if the dogs are barking, but they’re not happy if they dogs are not barking.”
The night before, the flame-haired hunk tucked into a meal of rice, chicken curry, mixed vegetables, dahl and pickles and followed the locals’ habits by eating with his fingers.
According to the Daily Express newspaper, he added: “The family were fantastic, we had a proper feast of a meal and then they vanished, that was it, never saw them again.
“We all went to bed early so we were tucked up by half past eight, then everything started to come to life at quarter past, half past five.”
The Prince’s visit was part of his five-day trip to Nepal.