Prince Philip’s solo outing

Britain’s Prince Philip has been spotted out and about without security.
The 94-year-old royal – who is married to Queen Elizabeth – was seen leaving the grounds of Windsor Castle in his green Landcover and emerging on to a busy public road, with no bodyguards in sight, according to the Daily Star Sunday.
The move has been criticised by security experts, who warned that he is leaving himself vulnerable if there is no “covert surveillance” in place.
Will Geddes told the newspaper: “One would hope that suitable contingencies have been made, so that there is some form of covert surveillance in place.
“What happens if he’s in a road traffic accident?
“Can he give his insurance details to the other driver? It’ll probably be difficult.
“And bearing in mind the current terrorist threat, you can’t discount the lone wolf who decides to go out one day and take advantage of an opportunity that’s open to them.
“In any normal sense this would be massively concerning, but one would like to hope his protection detail has made suitable contingencies that may not be visible to the untrained eye.”
When asked about the situation, a Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “We do not comment on security matters.”