Commemorative coin released for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday

A commemorative £5 coin has been released to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday.
The monarch will reach the milestone age on April 21 and the new coin, created by artist and sculptor Christopher Hobbs, features a garland of nine roses, each marking a decade of her life, along with the number 90.
Mr Hobbs told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: “I thought it was important to have the 90 prominently on the coin, but I was told it raised a few eyebrows at the palace.
“Apparently it’s not the done thing pointing out the Queen’s age but I think in this case it was absolutely necessary and the point was taken. I am told the design was submitted to the Queen and she passed it.”
Speaking about his design, he added: “I wanted it to be a simple design which had the feel of continuity – after all, the Queen has reigned for 63 years.
“Roses are the Queen’s favourite flower and also the country’s national symbol and there are nine on the coin for 90 years. The roses are natural-looking rather than heraldic and each one is slightly different. I wanted to capture the feel of a real rose.”
The £5 coin comes in a number of different styles, including silver, gold and platinum gold, with prices ranging from £20 to £5,000 for a rare platinum finish.