Britain’s Prince Harry helps deliver solar energy to Nepalese village

Britain’s Prince Harry has helped to deliver solar energy to remote villages in the Himalayas.
The 31-year-old royal supported Operation Nirman – who is working in partnership with energy company Your Group – as they help to give electricity to the Nepalese communities affected by the 2015 earthquakes.
The Prince was part of a team who trekked for two-and-a-half hours with a selection of solar equipment including a huge battery storage unit, which they supported on bamboo canes.
Nick Spicer, chief operating officer of Your Group said: “I couldn’t be more proud to be leading such an important mission to help those affected by some of the worst natural disasters … [It’ll make a] real tangible difference to those who need it most.”
Meanwhile, speaking ahead of his trip to Nepal, Prince Harry previously revealed he hopes his visit will “shine a spotlight” on the region’s problems.
Speaking last month, he said: “Everyone is aware of it when it happens, the media is on it, there’s a huge amount of interest and then before we know it everyone is onto the next thing.
“Hopefully by doing this trip it will shine a spotlight back onto the issue and people will realise there is still a hell of a lot that needs to be done.”